If you have an Android phone, please also have a look at my other Android applications which might be of interest for you.



Have you ever thought: "There is something missing on my superb Android Phone ?"    - No? -

After installing QuickDial you will think, yeah this was the missing part.
Are you annoyed by scrolling a huge list of contacts just to make a simple phone call?
Hey DUDE, it is still a cell phone, but choosing one of my favorite contacts is pretty laborious.

With QuickDial you are allowed to choose 36 of your contacts or even apps to get really quick access to. Just one single tap and it dials for you, similar to old-fashioned cell phones where you had to longpress a number to call one of your friends, wifes ;-), husbands, children, dogs, cats, mobilbox or whatever.

tl_files/images/my_apps/quickdial/quickdial_apps_and_contacts.png tl_files/images/my_apps/quickdial/white_design.png

Install QuickDial and use it, while beeing happy to have finally a full functional phone.


Power Widget


Power Widget is a useful and nice widget to control the most important settings directly from your home screen.

You can have up to 7 buttons freely arranged on your widget. Choose also between different sizes for the widget.

The design of this widget is similar to the built-in Power Control widget in order to match the current Android 2.0 style.

Following toggles are availabe:

  • WiFi On/Off
  • Bluetooth On/Off
  • Ringer Mode (Normal, Vibration, Silent)
  • Airplane Mode On/Off
  • USB Mount/Unmount
  • Lock Pattern Enable/Disable
  • Brightness Slider
  • Brightness Toggle
  • AutoSync
  • Orientation
  • GPS
  • 2G/3G
  • Timeout
  • Stay Awake
  • Always On
tl_files/images/my_apps/powerwidget/3widgets.png tl_files/images/my_apps/powerwidget/config_screen.png

To use Power Widget go to your home screen and find an empty row. Long press on that empty row and select "Widget". Then select "Power Widget" to add the Power Widget to your home screen.




Fancy dialer with big buttons and speed dial capabilities.

  • long press for speed dial, like old school
  • fully customize the appearance of your speed dialer
  • optimal for elderly and people with big fingers or bad eyesight
  • up to 99 speed dial positions
tl_files/images/my_apps/bigdialer/default_style.png tl_files/images/my_apps/bigdialer/custom_style_menu.png

You will love it!

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