Here you will find some tutorials which might be helpful for you when dealing with the Amarino Toolkit.
  • First connection and Test Event Tutorial.
    Nice tutorial from chetanpatil. It shows you step-by-step how to use Amarino to send random numbers from the phone to your Arduino. Basically it uses the Test event that comes with the AmarinoPluginBundle.
  • MultiColorLamp Tutorial
    Sagar did a very good job describing the steps necessary to get the MultiColorLamp application running. It gives you also very good hints for common pitfalls.
  • Step-by-Step SensorGraph Tutorial
    Wonderful description of getting the SensorGraph example running. Guides you carefully thru all issues you might get when trying to run the SensorGraph example. Very usefull tutorial if you want to receive data from your Arduino and display them on your Android phone.
  • SensorGraph Tutorial
    A very comprehensive and complete tutorial introducing you into the SensorGraph example. It tells you also a lot about the correct setup of Amarino and Arduino to get it running on.
  • Changing the Baud rate on Mac OS X
    This guide shows you step-by-step how to change the baud rate of your BlueSMiRF Bluetooth adapter using Mac OS X and ZTerm.
  • Changing the Baud rate on a Windows PC
    Another great tutorial from Sagar showing you how you can change the baud rate of your Bluetooth module on a Windows PC.
Btw, if you have written a tutorial about Amarino, please send me the link and I put it on this list.
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